Is MU Online Season 14 Available Yet?

The good news is out! Mu online has now introduced its new season 14 and a lot of fans and players are now eager and willing to try this new version. And who wouldn’t be excited? With the introduction of new characters and their new weapons, jaws will surely drop the moment you put your hands and your gaming skills in these new babies.

But all this hype is really thrilling because everything that is being introduced right now are just but a taste of something that is yet to come as it was only released on November 2018. But as to the preparation of its private servers on the latest version, unfortunately the servers ae yet to start until at the beginning of 2019.

Take a peek at season 14:
For all the gamers out there, it is not a surprise that the mu online season 14 should rank at the top of the mu servers’ list. But this season opens on February 22, 2019. This new server has all the latest features for mu online as compared to other gaming private servers.

With this new season, it offers and guarantees the best gaming experience. And to serve as the cherry on top, Rune Wizard is the newest character in season 14 which is great package to open and discover especially on his strengths and weaknesses.

In this version, you would be able to get an X1000 experience level and you can obtain a number of great ruuds such as boss, invasions and events.  There are also some great custom events. This would include the Lost Chest Even, the Moss Merchant and the Arena Battle. There are also some game commands that you need to learn in this season too. But then, it’s not that hard to learn as it is basically of the same concept as that of the previous versions in mu online.