Do They Use Special Ink To Produce Hangable Metal Prints?

The Process of Dye Sublimation – The Science Within An Art

When it comes to art, photography, and home decoration, metal printing is in. Metal print is a photograph or any piece of artwork printed on metal substrate. This is the new and trending way to keep and treasure every captured moment of yours. 

So how are metal prints created? Metal prints undergo the process of sublimation. And what is? Sublimation? It is a chemical process that occurs when a substance goes directly from a solid to a gas. In metal printing, dye sublimation process to the ink. It is not actually a special ink but the process of turning the ink into the gas state then back to its solid state is the special process within metal printing. Before turning back to its solid state, the ink is being pushed into the aluminum which is the canvas of the metal print, infusing the dye with the metal. Aluminum is very lightweight and has a strong quality much better than steel making it so easy to hang or mount into your walls. The quality of the aluminum also makes the ink or print long lasting enough for many years. It will not fade easily and they are also considered as waterproof.

The process of printing of photos in metal has different stages of printing. It is to ensure that the color and the quality of every dot of the dye is perfectly pushed into the metal canvas. They also have color and image reviewing especially for HD metal printing. They ensure that the finish or last print out will be a jaw dropping one for all of their clients. They said that the most crucial part is treating the aluminum canvas. It is being treated with a layer of polymer gel for absorption. Well, you should have high level expertise in photo printing service. You just have to settle your order with them and you just have to wait for the finished product to arrive. No hassle, no worries.