How Do You Find The Best Minecraft Servers?

A very popular single player game, Minecraft is one of the most sought after games where you can showcase and highlight your ingenuity and creativity. With multiple servers making players choose their own game style and rules and interact with other avid players, no wonder it has made its way on top of gaming in the past few years.

Searching for servers

Servers for Minecraft players can be found in server listing website. Just copy the IP address after a thorough check of the server you like. Once you have the IP copied, you can log in the game and click multiplayer. Choose the Add Server box and look for the IP Address box to input the IP Address. The number that follows a server name is often the number you need. Naming the server is purely personal and you can call it whatever you like. Some of the popular servers are included in this minecraft server list such as the following:

  • Mineplex
  • Brawl
  • Grand Theft Minecraft
  • Minescape
  • Minewind
  • PixelmonCraft
  • Among Us Performium
  • Zero.Minr
  • PirateCraft
  • Hypixel
  • Desteria
  • Minecraft Middle Earth
  • Ranch n’ Craft
  • Westeros Craft
  • The Mining Dead
  • Hive MC
  • The Archon
  • Manacube

Choosing the best server

The choice is always yours in the first place and whatever server that is; it would depend on your style of play. However, some servers are paid and bought online. When it comes to costing, you ought to look for the listing that may not hurt your pocket. In addition, the content of the server may affect your game play. You can go through some recommendations and sample game plays for you to review whether the server is worth buying or not. The best method still has to be asking a seasoned player for what server they often enjoy playing. Their knowledge of the server might help you choose better.