All The Info You Can Show With A Magento Store Locator Extension

The magento store locator extension helps create functions to find a store. It is an easy way to promote a store since it is on the internet. But there are of course limitations in it. The privacy and security of all important information should be protected. It is, of course, a requirement for all internet users. Not all information is allowed to show.

The magneto service can give those who want to avail their needs. As consumers who have money to pay, you can choose to add on and functions you wish to add. The level of function you can add depends on the amount you will pay. It is up to the user want he or she wants to put that will help his store.

The primary info you can put in your extension is the picture of your store. It is very helpful for visual learners to see the picture of a store if they are looking for it on the internet. Another detail or information you can add in your extension is the address. This is a must for any internet users. If you are using the internet with your business, you should be able to put the address. It will be easier to access once the address is available. Any business structures that have a physical building should have their contact numbers available. And it can also be added into your extension.

On the other hand, the information you can put is dependent on the people or group of people who will offer such a system. Money still is a factor with this. And to give more information that is vital to your store locator, you should pay more.

It is very important for anyone to have this system. The promotion and all that hype you need for your store will be made easy with this system. Just create a good program for that.