How Easy Is It To Fix Your Laptop By Yourself?

Thanks to technology, people nowadays can complete work and other stuff through the use of mobile devices, smart phones, PCs and laptops. One can simply connect to the internet and start their tasks right away.

However, what if your mobile device suddenly stops working? Can you do the repair work yourself, or do you need to call a computer technician that you’ve found at

Things that you should know about laptops

  • Short lifetimes
  • Become outdated in a matter of weeks’ time after they’re released to the market
  • Subject to gradual delay or fatal accidents
  • After a damage has been done, the repair work needed might cost just a likely less expensive price than getting a brand new laptop

Critical laptop parts

  1. Motherboard
  2. Central processing unit (CPU)
  3. Graphics processing unit (GPU)

Note: Avoid overheating these parts as much as possible.

Basic laptop troubleshooting

  1. Operating system
  • System doesn’t boot all the way through
  • Repair options:
  1. Start running in safe mode
  2. Reinstall OS
  3. Back up data that won’t boot using the Linux Live CD/USB
  • Hard disk drive/solid state drive
  • Slow/poor performance
  • Frequent freezing
  • BSODs
  • Corrupted data
  • Bad sector accumulation
  • Strange sounds
  • Repair options:
  • Replace the hard drive (make sure the replacement has an identical connector)
  • CMOS battery
  • System time and date frequently resets
  • Drivers stop working
  • PC does not boot or turns off
  • CMOS-related errors during boot
  • Weird hardware issues
  • Repair options:
  1. Replace CMOS battery
  • RAM
  • Laptop doesn’t boot and sometimes beeps
  • BSODS during OS installation
  • Random crashes during operation
  • Crashes when running memory-intensive programs
  • Repair options:
  1. Run a memory test for error checking
  2. Examine RAM sticks and reseat them if needed
  3. Move RAM stick on to another slot
  • Display
  • Damage to the display
  • Doesn’t turn on
  • Repair options:
  1. Connect an external monitor (except in cases of motherboard damage)

If, however, you still can’t fix your laptop, then better leave it to the professionals to handle.